If you would like to find out how stretching can help you, please do try one of our Pilates lessons in Angmering, Littlehampton and Rustington. 

Yoli Engall is passionate about Pilates techniques.

As a young woman, she suffered from pain caused by slipped disc problems until she found Pilates, which helped enormously. To help others, she went on to train as a Pilates instructor with the award winning company Future Fit School of Pilates.

Her aim is to equip clients with good skills for everyday life. Classes incorporate both standing and floor mat work, including traditional Pilates exercises.

You will learn what stretches to do when you’ve finished a normal activity like gardening, walking or sitting at the desk for long hours. It will help you with general mobility including squatting and bending down. If you are looking to gain strength and create a strong and healthy body that is capable of moving you through life, Pilates technique is for you.

Flexibility and fun

Do you wish you could dance more? With carefully planned stretches and strengthening exercises… you will be able to dance all night!

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