Terms and Conditions

Service offered

YPilates offers Pilates classes to all levels of student, provided they have completed a health questionnaire and been found to be at no undue physical risk.

The service is normally offered in blocks of six weekly classes, payable in advance.  One-to-one classes or pay-as-you-go are also offered.

YPilates has Public Liability insurance to cover its normal activities.


Payment will be made through this website or by bank transfer to YPilates at least 24hours before the start of a block of classes or of a single one-off class.  Failure to meet the payment deadline may preclude the client from participation in the class(es).

The cost of classes will be published on this website, and will be reviewed annually on 1st September.

State of Physical Health

YPilates will ask all potential clients to complete a health questionnaire truthfully in order to ensure that the proposed Pilates classes will not be likely to cause injury.  Although participation is ultimately the client’s choice, instruction may be withheld at YPilates’ discretion in order to meet the stipulations of our insurers.


If a class is unavoidably cancelled by YPilates, all expected students will be notified at the earliest opportunity by email, Facebook or telephone (so it is important that contact details are kept up to date).

If a student is unable to attend a class, they may attend a different class in the same week, provided there are spaces. During Covid-19 times, it’s highly important to check with YPilates for availability of space.

Classes cancelled by YPilates will not normally be refunded but will be credited to the next payment block.

Planned absences for holidays, operations, etc should be notified to the instructor at the start of a payment block.  There will be an annual allowance of 2 consecutive weeks’ holiday and a single week’s absence when the client is not expected to pay for the class.

Data Protection

YPilates will safeguard any personal information that it receives from clients. This includes name, date of birth, address, contact details and completed health questionnaires.  Such information will not normally be shared with third parties but may be passed on as part of the government’s Covid-19 Track & Trace programme.  Details of clients’ bank accounts will not normally be requested.

Data Retention

YPilates will keep your information on paper or in a computer system for only as long as is necessary, for our convenience or to comply with legal requirements. It will be destroyed confidentially 6 months after your last class.

30 Sept 2020